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How To Organize Your Home Office


How To Organize Your Home Office

by organier
in Blog

Trying to balance personal life and professional life can be tough; stress is a key factor in the development of health issues, but can be eliminated from your life through proper organization. According to experts, time management is the key for success in home business. Working from home can be more stressful at times, and requires extra attention to organization. Working from home doesn’t mean you have to forego a professional or productive work environment! While it may seem like a challenge to set your home office apart from the rest of your living space, all it requires is giving the matter a little time, thought, and creativity. Follow these easy steps to transform your home office into a pleasant, efficient, and organized workspace.

Find the perfect spot. Part of keeping organized in a home office is ensuring that you have a suitable place set aside to serve solely as your home office. It’s not going to be effective if you’re borrowing space anywhere, such as the kitchen table, or your child’s desk while they’re at school. Instead of “nomading” about the house in search of the perfect space, select one spot that is out of the way of pedestrian traffic, unaffected by noise or other sources of interference, and can be a permanent home office base for you. Purchase a table or desk (depending on your needs) that can be used just for your work tasks.

Check that everything is ergonomically suitable for you. It’s easy to become despondent and start making a mess when your working arrangements make you feel uncomfortable. A chair that makes your legs feel deadened or a table that just doesn’t have the space needed will soon have you wandering off and trying out other parts of the house for working in to try and improve your comfort levels. If you’re doing this, have your workspace assessed for ergonomics and make appropriate changes to ensure your comfort. You can either ask a professional person to come to your house to do this for you, or you can assess it yourself using online guidance, for example, read How to set up an ergonomically correct work station.

  • If you’re selling items online or from home, be sure to make adequate space for packaging, sorting, and storing your items as well as the usual computer and related work required. A table at standing height can be very helpful if you need to do a lot of wrapping, packaging, sorting type work.
  • Label everything! Stop squinting at the handwritten chicken-scratch on your file tabs and invest in a label maker instead! Having a label printer around will not only keep the contents of your filing cabinet looking neat and professional, it’s also very handy for organizing discs, office supplies and storage cabinets. Laminated tape labels such as those produced by a Brother P-Touch label maker are particularly good at staying clean and intact. Especially if you are printing several labels at once, a set of mailing labels in a printer is a cheap alternative, but be aware that printing labels one at a time and, thus, running a partially-consumed sheet of adhesive labels through the printer can create a sticky jam — don’t do it on an expensive printer. Label-makers that connect to computers save a lot of time by allowing data entry on the computer’s superior keyboard, or even from a database or other computer file.

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