Certain foods survive longer when they’re in specific areas of the fridge. Follow this guide for fresh and easy-to-find food:


Vegetables: Veggies always last a bit longer when there is a bit of humidity–which is why those drawers at the bottom of your fridge are labeled “veggies.” This drawer is the moistest location in your fridge. Store them in their original packaging or in the plastic bag you put them in at the store with a loose twisty tie on top.

Fruit: Fruit is high maintenance and also belongs in its own separate drawer, oftentimes marked as “the crisper.” Just like vegetables, you should keep it in its original packaging or a plastic bag. Leave them unwashed until you use them, because excess water can promote mold and cause bacteria to grow.

Deli meats: Here comes another drawer diva. Deli meats should be stored in the shallow drawer, which is kept slightly colder than the rest of the fridge. However, if your fridge doesn’t come equipped with such a drawer, these meats survive best on the bottom shelf.

Milk: Because we often grab the milk often, whether it’s for cereal or to go with cookies, so we keep it right in the middle of the top shelf. However, this shouldn’t be your milk’s true home. It would be much happier on the bottom shelf, all the way in the back, where the refrigerator is coldest.

Yogurt: Dairy favorites like yogurt, cottage cheese and sour cream are best placed on the bottom shelf as well. Stack items on a turntable to keep everything visible. It’s easy for small containers to get shoved in the back.

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