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The secrets of speed cleaning & Organize


The secrets of speed cleaning & Organize

by organier

Speed cleaning tips that will actually help minimize the amount of time you spend cleaning house on the weekend.

Martha Uniacke Breen tells us here some of tips that will helpful to organize kitchen, bathroom and bedroom . Those save time and effort and  your house will actually stay cleaner and tidier.

Speed cleaning: Kitchen


Clear away pots and pans, food ingredients and parings as you cook.Put pots in the dishwasher or a sink of soapy water. After supper, load the dishwasher or rinse and dry pots in the sink, and put away anything left out. Then (or the next morning), give the counters and sink a quick swipe, and sweep or quick-vac the floor.

Speed cleaning: Bathroom


Keep a package of disposable cleaning wipes under the sink to wipe off everything from glass, tubs and sinks to the outside of the toilet; even kids seem to enjoy using them. Pick up towels and put in laundry or hang; put away makeup and toiletries; empty the wastebasket.

Spritz the shower with cleaner each time you use it, while it’s still wet. Rinse with the handheld shower or run the shower for a minute, and you’re done. Use a squeegee to clean the shower door, to prevent water spots. Run the toilet scrubber around the inside of the toilet, with a squirt of cleanser if desired.

Speed cleaning: Bedrooms


Make yourself habit like: if you take it out, put it back; if you take it off, hang it up (or fold it in the drawer, or put it in the laundry hamper); if you mess it up, tidy when you’re done. If you make this a habit, the morning bedroom tidy need be little more than making the bed and tidying bedside tables.Quick-vacuum traffic areas, and, if you’re so inclined, pass the vacuum under the bed.

Speed cleaning: Living and family rooms


Put remotes where they belong, recycle or put away reading materials, give traffic areas a once-over with the quick vac, and dust one bookshelf or the TV. If you have a little more time or energy, vacuum one upholstered piece. If every piece is done in rotation about every three weeks or so, that’s all they usually need.


Source: styleathome

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