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7 Ways to Organize Books


7 Ways to Organize Books

by organier

If you have a sizable book collection, it’s worth taking the time to organize books so that you can find whatever you’re looking for. Let’s take a look at some of the best methods given by Anna Hoffman.

1. Alphabetical:


You can do it like the libraries do and alphabetize by the author’s last name (e.g. Austen, Brown, Christie, etc.) or you can be a little daring and alphabetize by title (e.g. Da Vinci Code, Emma, Murder on the Orient Express, Pride & Prejudice). Remember, “the” and “a” don’t count.

2. Genre:


If you have a bunch of different kinds of books, you might want to arrange them by genre. Your library might include Graphic Novels, Science Fiction, Crocheting, Werewolves, or whatever it is you’re interested in. Breaking things into genres can be tricky but as long as the categories make sense to you, the system will work.

3. Color:


You can  have shelves where alternate chunks of black and white so it looks like stripes or arrange them in color blocks.You can cover all of your books with craft paper or other wrapping so they are all the same color.

4. Chronological


Anna Hoffman arrange her art and design books, so the section starts with Ancient Greece, progresses to the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, the 18th century and then goes along by artistic movement.

5. Autobiographical


This probably works if that’s how your mind works. If someone says, The Great Gatsby, and you think, “junior year of high school!” Or if you think about Neruda’s poems and immediately remember reading them during a particular relationship you had in 2003, then this could be a cool way to organize your books.

6. The Combo


This is a custom setting for those of us who aren’t totally consistent. Anna like to arrange her fiction alphabetically by author’s name. Her non-fiction, however, she separate further into subject sub-sections, like Art & Design, Biography, Film Studies, etc., and then within those sub-headings she arrange them chronologically by subject.

7. Stacks


Most of us arrange our books standing upright, stacks can be an aesthetically pleasing way to go , especially for a smaller book collection. This method is physically better for the books, so it’s something to consider seriously if you have any old or rare books.


Source: apartmenttherapy

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