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How to Organize Medicine


How to Organize Medicine

by organier

There are many areas in life where we could all do to be more organized, but when it comes to your prescription medications, how organizeld you are can have an important influence on your health. Taking the wrong meds at the wrong time or in the wrong combination can potentially lead to a health emergency, especially for seniors with a lot of prescriptions to keep up with.

1. Keep a list of all your meds


Write out a list of all the meds you’re taking, but don’t just include their names. Add all the important details you need to remember:

  • What’s the dosage?
  • How often do you have to take it and which times of day?
  • What’s it for?
  • What are the possible side effects?
  • How often will you be re-filling it?
  • Is there anything it shouldn’t be mixed with?

You want to have regular, easy access to this information so put it somewhere easy to remember and see, like your fridge.

2. Store your meds strategically


To be organized when you’re taking your meds, you need to be organized in how you store them. Systems can vary a bit on this, but some tricks you can use to help organize them effectively are making use of a pill organizer, color coding your prescription bottles.

3. Create a reminder system


You can’t rely on memory alone here. You need a system to alert you to when it’s time to take your meds. Most phones now come with built-in alarm clocks, which is another easy option. If you’re used to more traditional timers or alarm clocks, you can always stick with what’s familiar.

4. Try to make it regular


Trying to remember to take a pill sometime in the day is much harder than remembering to take that same pill every day at lunchtime. Your reminder system should help, but do also try to turn it into a regular routine.

5. Keep a record of each pill you take


Keep a notebook or whiteboard somewhere close to your meds so you can take a minute to jot down each pill you take. Make this a part of your routine so always doing it feels like second nature.


Source: senioradvisor

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